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Scaling and Polishing including Prophyjet to remove tough stains

Scaling is a process where the dentist will remove the calculus or tartar from the teeth.  These are plaque that have been deposited on the teeth and over time calcified into a hard substance that clings onto the teeth and can only be removed by using special dental instrument.  These deposits if left on the teeth will result in gum diseases and gum recession.

After scaling, the dentist will usually polish the teeth.  Polishing removes any external stains and plaque from the teeth.  Excessive accumulation of plaque could cause decay or decalcification of the teeth.  However plaque will build up very quickly after every meal and thus it is important for the patient to clean the teeth properly everyday.

For patients with stubborn stains on their teeth such as smoker’s teeth or stains from drinking tea, we will use a special polishing equipment called the Prophyjet.  It is an instrument where water mixed with a special cleaning salt is jet out at high pressure to remove any stubborn stains.  It can even reach any hard to reach areas which conventional polishing instrument cannot get into.

“How often should I go for Scaling and Polishing”

6 monthly scaling and polishing is usually adequate for most patients.  However if tartar or stains is building up more quickly on your teeth then a more frequent visit to the dentist is needed.  Feel free to call us for an appointment at 65540552 so that our experienced dentist could advise you accordingly.